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Maxims Principles Objective of Teaching (in Hindi)
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INDRESH PRATAP SINGH is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Qualified NTA UGC NET, done MBA and teaching since last 2. 5 years! Learn frm Innovative Ppts, Build Interest, Concret knowledge base

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#Chabhahar Port is in south east Iran and is 100 KM away from Gwadar Port in Pakistan (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) Significance of this port: 1) Economic Point of view #India needs access to Iron mines in Afghanistan and the oil fields of Central Asia and West Asia, India can access them easily by a pipeline through Pakistan but Pak is reluctant to provide this access to India and hence road transport is the only way right now which proved to be very costly #Transporting thorough water is comparatively cheaper than road and hence we need a mport, this route can also become the precursor of International North south Transport corridor( One route will reach Iran through Persian gulf and then use road and railways to reach Russian and another route will use Red sea—Suez Canal—Mediterranean Sea—Norwegian sea—Russia which will reduce the transportation cost between the countries of India, Russia, Iran and some other central and west Asian countries) 2) Geopolitical Point of view: #India need to bypass Pakistan and Afghanistan in road route as the route is very difficult both in terms of Politically and geographically and the only way of by passing it is through Air/Sea. As air is nonviable the only way to achieve it is through sea. 3) Startegic point of View: #China is suspicious of US, India is Suspicious of China and Pak is Suspicious of China, this triple thread suspicions in the Asia gave rise to 2 ports- Gwadar and Chabhahar #But If all three countries cooperate, both Chabhahar port and Gwadar port can complement each other- one example can be that Gwadar is a deeper sea port then Chabhahar and hence large vessels cannot enter it but can be anchored in Gwadar and can be transported by smaller vessels. &&Reason for Delay in Take off: 1) Capital to invest there is very limited for India unlike China and India doesnot want china to be a part of Chabhahar port due to strategic reasons 2) For Afghanistan also China seems to be an attractive partner 3) One way out is both China and India could set away their difference and can work together for the economic prosperity of all in the region by collaborating in both Gwadar and Chabhahar. As China stated if India also cooperates in CPEC, it will become China-India-Pak Economic Corridor and it can also become China-India-Pak-Afghan Economic Corridor.
Nisha Anjali
3 years ago
Good one.. :)
sir plz explain concrete to abstract
Thank you for asking😊
Concrete here means that we should 1st clear the Base knowledge of student, tell him the physical or existing proven theories and information or knowledge, then we should go for abstract one, which let student know the non physical knowledge, micro terms or any imaginative theories, knowledge
Therefore clear Base 1st give concrete knowledge then tell that ideas, thoughts and info which don't have concrete or physical evidence
Payal Sai
7 months ago
thnx sir