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Maximizing and Minimizing Population of Colonies
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Maximizing and Minimizing Population of Colonies

Nilanjan Dutta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nilanjan Dutta
Hi, I am a CAT 100 Percentiler with 100 in DI-LR & 99.9 in Quants. Subscribe to CAT Live Classes with 'NILANJANDUTTA' discount code.

Unacademy user
I'm writing some sentences check Dada. Rita does not come here. you do not come here. I'm do not eaten fish. Koli does not eat chicken. Dado comes to our house sometime. we play gose to fild everyday. I go to school everyday
Sudip Paul
a year ago
4 and 7 hoy ni. baki gulo right. 4. I do not eat fish 7. we go to field to play everyday
why did you choose t the first term as 55