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Matrix 22 - Homogenous linear equation
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Prakhar Shrivastava
INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCTION | IIT B | NITIE | GATE - 2016 ( AIR -03, SCORE - 939/1000) |Tennis | Street plays | Foodie

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my_data = (1,2,3,4) this is a tuple. print(my_data[2]) will print 3 that I understood. But what is this tuple() function. If I write tuple(1) it is saying that integers will not be accepted and also it is not taking more than 1 iterable. What is the use o such a function when there is a chance to enter any number of and any types of datatypes through the method tuple_name = ("H",1,'*')
Himanshu Sen
10 months ago
Yes tuple() function won't accept a single integer because for defining a tuple with single element, you need to write it with a comma succeeding it as given here, my_tuple=(1,) So that it understands that it's a tuple and not an integer And yes you can simply define a tuple by writing in parantheses.. So why do u need this function? This tuple() function is used in scenarios where you need to convert any other data type to tuple Example, convert list to tuple my_list=[1, 2] my_tuple=tuple(my_list) Output will be, my_tuple=(1, 2)
Gayathri Gutla
10 months ago
Sir, as a mechanical engineering student ,would it be okay for me to give less time and efforts to maths cauz the level of questions in gate mechanical are easier compared to other branches??
Yes, it's upto you but I would suggest that if something is easy work on that to make it perfect, 15 marks is a lot
Especially for 3rd year students..