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Management,Science or Art,Nature of Management(.in Hindi)
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Management as Science or Art,as a profession ( in Hindi)

Prabhjeet kaur second topper of institute since 5 years and have an 2 years tuition experience I want to become a professor, bank manager.

Unacademy user
wow what acronym
Satish Kumar
9 months ago
thanks ,keep watching and keep learning
  1. MANAGEMENT 0 g 7

  2. MEANING OF MANAGEMENT . Management is a social process and responsibility for effective and efficient planing and regulating the operations of organisation.Management manage all the activity and control in the organization.

  3. MANAGEMENT BOTH SCIENCE AS WELL ART . Management as a science: Science is a body of systematised knowledge aquired is based on logical consistency,advance by through research and observatio knowledge, proves,predicts,measures,Impresses Management as a ART Art may be techique if putting the principles of knowledge into actual practices.Art showing with the method and practical in nature. And in management, manager is an artist because he uses the knowledge .and show advance by practice,Feels,Guesses, Describes,Expresses. 7

  4. MANAGEMENT AS A PROFFESSION Proffession is an occupation based on specialised intellectual study and traning,Skill and purpose give service and advice to others for Specific fee or salary.There is the proffesion of law, lawyer,Docter, Teachers. . FEATURES OF PROFFESION 1. Systematised knowledge: Proffesion is a body of knowledge consist of principles,techniques,policies etc. 2. Professional associationln the field of management in the various management association

  5. 3. Seperate code of conduct: Every profession formulates its own ethical code for the conduct is followers.all the members abide by such code of conduct. 4. Service motive: In the profession, professional provide various services and charde higher fees. 5. Skill and formal knowledge: An individual can enter a profession only after acquiring some knowledge and skills through formal training.