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Management Accounting, Nature,Objectives ,Toools,Scope( in Hindi)
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Meaning and Nature of Management Accounting ( in Hindi)

Prabhjeet kaur second topper of institute since 5 years and have an 2 years tuition experience I want to become a professor, bank manager.

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Doubt: Q22 = Removal of Chairman of UPSC is by the Prez. Not in a manner similar to the SC judge.. Answer should be 124. Right ?
Tejasv Agarwal
2 years ago
right its 1,2,4
  1. Management accounting

  2. Meaning of Management Accounting O Management accounting is concerned with management. Management accounting is that segment of counting that deals with the analysis of accounting data and reporting of information to management. Management accounting is the application of accounting and Statistical Techniques.

  3. Nature of management accounting 1. Management Accounting in service function: 2. It makes use of historical data. 3. Management accounting is having futuristic approach. 4. It examine the causes and effect relationship 5. No prescribed format. 6. Concerned with analysis and interpretation of data.

  4. 7. Management accounting is management oriented. 8. Management Accounting narrated events both monetary and non monetary. 9. Management accounting is not bound by accounting rules. 10. Management accounting is both science as well as art 11. Placement accounting is helpful for decision making