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Lok pal and Lok Ayukta (in Malayalam)
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This video is about the Lok pal and Lok Aayukta

Bibi Mohanan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bibi Mohanan
I have a teaching experience of 7 years . I run two YT channeIs My Notebook & EEE Made Easy. I did M.Tech in photonics and BTech in EEE

Unacademy user
sir, i think speed of sound will be more in moist air correct me if I am wrong
Abhishek Yadav
a year ago
hmm right
Gaurav Rana
a year ago
yes , moist air is less dense than dry air as water vapour has less density than air
Mam, lokayukta submit its report to whom ? Does a lokpal or lokayukta can be removed from the position, if it can who has the authority to remove them ?