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Local failure of column
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Local failure shear stress failure of column bearing capacity of the column ultimate failure due to Man made or natural disaster like earthquake phenomenon behind local failure in column and beams overall breaking of the structure fracture in the structure causes disaster

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  1. LOCAL FAILURE OF COLUMN Earthquake movement first to one side Earthquake movement t the other side Column concrete falls away Floor construction The mass of the building is moved because of the earthquake. When the earthquake forces exceed the design parameters, the alternating forces of the earthquake first break the concrete on one side of the column and subsequently on the other side. By repeated movements and lack of stirrups, the broken concrete will fall out of the construction and the steel will bend, becoming useless.

  2. LOCAL FAILURE OF COLUMN Diagonal shear cracking in mid span of column. Strength of beam is more than column, loss of axial load carrying capacity of column. Loads carried by column are transferred to neighboring elements results in to internal redistribution of forces causes failure of column.

  3. LOCAL FAILURE OF COLUMN Failure occur due to formation of plastic hinge at the base of ground level column. Fig shows less number of ties in plastic hinge region. .Due to seismic motion, load carried by concrete shifts to the longitudinal reinforcement of column, as result column looses ability to take load.

  4. LOCAL FAILURE OF COLUMN Shear failure and concrete crushing failure in concrete columns. .These are the most undesirable non ductile modes of failure. . This behavior can lead to the loss of gravity load-bearing capacity in the columns and potentially a total building collapse.

  5. COMMON TYPES OF LOCAL FAILURE Flexure) (Shear) Beam Nodal zone (exterior) Nodal zone (interior) Column Short column Infilled wall Footing zone