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Living a life of dignity (in Hindi)
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In this video, we will discuss about innovative ideas on how we perceive ageing now, examples of productive ageing and what more can be done.

Yasmin Gill
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Mam pls provide lectures on September Yojana also
  1. Summary of Yojana- Aug 2018 (Social Empowerment) By- Yasmin Gill

  2. About me Yasmin Gill BE (EEE) from UIET, PU 2014 Qualified for UPSC Mains State Rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015

  3. Living a life of dignity Change in the way we perceive 'ageing Idea of 'productive ageing It is based on scientific evidence that ageing is based on continuous interaction between levels of body activity and mental activity Also age-related deterioration in most mental functions can be reversed This has led to growing research in fields of CENGENICS and GERONTOLOGY Research indicated that continuous mental activity makes neurons sprout more dendrites thus establishing connections with other . . . eurons

  4. Living a life of dignity Change in the way we perceive 'ageing These dendrites shrink when person is idle . Crux-"A person who stops solving problems arrives at a stage when he cant solve problems" So now ageing is perceived as a DISEASE that can be cured, or at least postponed For this, KNOWLEDGE is the most important intervention to do away with myths of ageing While all these aspects dominate West, in India, we are still grappling with issues like food, shelter, medical services for our 60+ NGO's have done more innovative efforts than govts. . . .

  5. Living a life of dignity Even Wall Street Journal declared that 'There is a lot of gold in geriatrics' . This potential isn't tapped by businessmen, insurance, housing, holidays and culturally oriented care services

  6. Living a life of dignity .An example of denial of opportunity- A dignitarian EA Abraham couldn'tget admission to get a degree in Sanskrit on account of his age and hence had to work for a Ph.D degree as it didn't come with an age bar This is a case of denial of opportunity for productive ageing Solution is to provide STRUCTURAL OPPORTUNITIES in India as our age profile assumes trends common to greying Europe and silvering Japan Example of TISS which successfully completed a computer skills course open only to old people

  7. Living a life of dignity . Anothere.g. in Mumbai where 663 dignitarians in a unique collaboration with Bombay Municipal Corporation got into project of Cleaning Mumbai with Dignity Morning walks got converted to talks with BMC sweepers, Independence Day celebrations got clubbed with 'Freedom from Garbage Andolan' So they turned to be community leaders and helped residents . . Idea of 'Model Streets' + Sorting of garbage and composting within the compound Have a great enthusiasm for environment which also guides their need to keep active and socially integrated Crux- Social participation is best antidote to ageing

  8. Living a life of dignity Anothere.g. Operate a helpline in Mumbai To provide companionship services to lonely seniors in Mumbai . Services to abused elders who are harassed by children on matters related to property .Such examples notjust limited to gainful work, but also focus on passion or something they couldn't pursue as a career in life . So it's a combination of WORK and LEISURE . So, ancient & medieval visions of ageing as 'renouncing-focused end part of life' is making way for secular, scientific and individualistic outlook of modernity Especially true for post-independence generation of India -liberal education .

  9. Living a life of dignity Have the older generation embraced these changes? . Educated middle class seniors are quick to take such productive .But these activities are in sharp contrast to West's emphasis on post- ageing activities retirement leisure, holidays, good food and fun Indian seniors eager to do social work and work for a cause

  10. Living a life of dignity Benefits of these changes Refute notion that elderly are a drain on family resources More than fame/wealth, theyneed dignity and want to be percieved as productive Psychological benefits to elderly-Betterhealth, cognitive functioning and self-actualisation . . Sociological benefits-Social integration & participationn . Bridges inter-generational gap- Younger generation is happy to be proud children of productive parents and grandparents