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Limits (in Hindi)
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Sameer Sd
Cleared JEE and JEST

Unacademy user
Sir, shouldn’t the Magnetic field of DE part in the 1st question be along negative y-axis? I hope you reply soon.
  1. WHAT I LIMIT 8x) 2

  2. WHAT IS MIT? you. a men huution s het when yong tourax &?

  3. LIMIT 2 x) aing when

  4. s question is waittem mathematicall as lim x) -? Tuat a matation to wsite this

  5. Linit a unction at ointx the anuwes te te this doesnmtalay equal value the

  6. EVALUATION OF LIMITS 48 &.9&.99 .990 5.6 5.95. 5.498

  7. 4 T 6 2 186

  8. 1.3 5 1 au 0 but.. limm e) does mat exist

  9. LHL = RHL LiMiT ExisT5