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Letter and symbol patterns (in Hindi)
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Letter and Symbol series basics

Tanzia Naaz
BE graduate with 2+ years of experience in IT Industry. 1+ year experience into teaching.

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sir I want to know about ur quantitative aptitude class per day kitne time ki class hogi sir plz reply I want to know that very important for me
ba=3, za=27 etc.....
Tanzia Naaz
3 months ago
Thanks Ruhi😊 , keep learning and all the best.
3 months ago
most welcome madam
  1. Letter and Symbol Patterns - Basics By Tanzia Naaz

  2. Points To Remember In this module we get to see the common patterns in letters and Symbols. If we consider the letters in English alphabet starting from A to z if each letter is numbered say E=5 F-6 G-7 H=8 Y=25 Z=26 A=1 B=2 C-3 D=4 I=9 J=10 Q=17 R=18 U=21 V=22 M=13 N=14 P=16 If the letter is started from A followed by B and so on till L=12 T=20 X=24 Z,then after Z it's followed by A in a cyclic manner.

  3. Organize Informatiorn Examine the Relation Conclude

  4. Questions a) HZJ b)GZH c)IZK d)JZH Ans: c) 1ZK The middle term is constant where as first and third letter are alternate letters in series.

  5. 2) BDF , HJL, NPR, ? a)TVX b)SUV c)TVW d)UWY Ans: a) TVX, All the three letters are alternate to one another and are in series

  6. a) EF3 b) FE3 c) F3G d) E3F Ans d) E3F ,All the letters are in series where first letter is followed and the next number is followed alternate letter. a) E9GA b) G9FA c) F9HA d) H9FA Ans: a) E9GA, third letter is constant where as first and second letter and alternate letter with number increasing in odd series.