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Lesson:1- Inflation : An Introduction
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An Introduction to INFLATION: Meaning & Definition INFLATION explained with the help of an Example and also concepts like Deflation and Disinflation is Discussed in this lesson.

Nisha Nujumudeen
Economics faculty in IAS academy, M.A, M.phil in Economics, winner of National Award for Teaching Excellence in civil service coaching

Unacademy user
mam is that much need to mention more than one definition of inflation
awesome teaching mam🙏 hope for new videos soon wd a bit slower teaching expressions
Nisha Nujumudeen
7 months ago
Ok bijay sure.
Bijay BG
7 months ago
thnx a lot mam .. hope to get imp topics videos soon
i did not understand english.
speak slower mam plsss
Nisha Nujumudeen
7 months ago
Ok sure
great course mam ,hope for more videos,plz take entire integrated Economics course , really needed
Nisha Nujumudeen
10 months ago
Hii laxman.. thank you.. yes I am working on other topics too.. kindly follow for more updates
Laxman kundale
10 months ago
thank you mam ...waiting for ur kind guidance
Nisha Nujumudeen
10 months ago
Nisha Nujumudeen
10 months ago
You can also follow my special classes when this topic is takem for more interaction.. thank you
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  7. UPSC: Civil Service Inflation: Meaning & Definition Inflation is often defined in terms of its supposed causes According to Coulbrun, "too much money chasing to few goods". Crowther defines, "Inflation is a state in which the value of money is falling". Thus, inflation is a state of rising prices, but not high prices. It is not high prices but rising price level that constitute inflation Inflation can also be seen as a recurring phenomenon. e It is to be pointed out here that inflation is a state of disequilibrium when there occurs a sustained rise in price level. Inflation is difficult to define in an unambiguous sense.

  8. UPSC: Civil Service DEFLATION And DISINFLATION It is the opposite of Inflation A rise in the value of money or purchasing power of money. Deflation is rare in a developing country like India but is the characteristics of a Saturated Economies. Disinflation is a Situation of slowing down of the rate of inflation.