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Lesson 5: General Awareness Questions DSSSB PRT, TGT, PGT SPECIAL (in Hindi)
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In this Lesson I Covered Selected Questions of General Awareness for DSSSB PRT SPECIAL 2018 So keep Watching... Continue your Preparation 📚📚 By Me & Share more

Learner & Teacher | Graduate+D.Ed | Qualified CTET, DSSSB, KVS | 4+ year Experience as a Assistant Teacher

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que 9 option 1 swami dayanand Saraswati is correct
yes option 1is correct for question 9
In question no.9, option 1 is correct.
  1. G)eneral A wareness SELECTED QUESTIONS By Rekha Kushwaha

  2. 1.Who was the first woman to scale the mount Everest A.Bachhendri pal B.Arunima sinha C.Premlata purna D.Malavath purna

  3. 2. Who appoints the chairman of UPSC? A. Chief minister of India B. President C. Members of both the houses D. Election commissioners of India

  4. B. First general elections were held in which year? A. 1921 B. 1942 C. 1950 D. 1951

  5. 4. Gobar gas contains mainly A. Methane B. Ethane C. Butane D. Propane

  6. 5. Which gland is responsible for secretion of insulin? A. Pancreas B. Thyroid C. Adrenal D. Pineal gland

  7. 6. In which state was the panchayat raj first Introduced? A. Biha r B. Rajasthan C. Punjab D. Haryana

  8. 7. Which is the warm ocean current? A. Labrador current B. Oyashiyo current C. Canary current D. Gulf stream

  9. 8. Which country is the leading producer of Uranium? A. Australia B. Canada C. USA D. Japan

  10. 9. Arya samaj was founded by A. Swami dayanand saraswati B. Swami vivekanand C. Sachida nand D. Swami naravan

  11. 10. Which state has smallest land area? A. Kerala B. Madhya Pradesh C. Goa D. Assam

  12. 11. Who pioneered khilafat movement? A. Sayyad brothers B. Mahatma Gandhi C. Ali brothers D. Maulana azad

  13. 13. Who was the first woman president Of congress? A. Annie Besant B. Sarojini Naidu C. Usha Mehta D. Madam cama

  14. 16. Which element is the highest Conductor Of electricity? A. Gold B. Copper C. Steel D. Silver

  15. 19. Which among Akbar's Navratna's Was involved in creating a land reven System? A. Mansingh B. Abdul fazal C. Todarmal D. Abdul rahim khan-i-khana

  16. 20. Which worm most commonly causes Anemia in children? A. Earth worm B. Round worm C. Tape worm D. Hook worm

  17. 21. Which oxides are mainly associated With photochemical smog? A. Sulfur oxides B. Carbon monoxide C. Nitrogen silicon D. Silicon oxides

  18. 24. Mohiniattam is a dance form from the state of A. Karnataka B. Kerala C. Andhra Pradesh D. Tamil nadu

  19. Thanks for watching Next video will be further content about Teaching exam