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Lesson -2 (13/05/2018)
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Introduces to some difficult words from the newspaper 'The Hindu' along with it's meaning, it's synonyms and it's usage in the form of examples. It also proposes a phrasal verb at the end of the lesson to make one's own sentences using it.

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The match was called off due to heavy rain.
Srinidhi s
2 years ago
She called off the meeting as she was occupied with some urgent work.
Srinidhi s
2 years ago
I called upon my friend as he was ill from a long time.
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2 years ago

  2. 1) Forge (v): if a person or an institute forges an agreement or relationship with another, they create it with a lot of hard work, hoping it will be strong and would last long. Syn: create, establish. Eg: Hopefully the new govt will forge a good relationship with the neighbouring states. 2) Insurgent (n): are people who are fighting

  3. against the govt or army of their own country. Syn: rebel, rioter. Eg: When the armed men raised their voices against the govt, they knew they were going to be insurgents until a proper govt is formed 3)Foe (n): an enemy. Syn: rival, opponent.

  4. Eg: Although, they used to be good friends, religious beliefs caused a drift between the two and now they ended up as foes. 4) Elusive (adj): something that is difficult to find, describe, remember or achieve Syn: indefinable, difficult. Eg: On a crowded train, personal space is elusive

  5. 5) Embodiment (n): if you say that someone or something is the embodiment of a quality or idea, you mean that it is their most noticeable characteristic or the basis of all they do. Syn: personification, example Eg: The na ve girl foolishly believed that the actor was the embodiment of the perfect woman and tried to change herself to look more like the star.

  6. 6) Perennial (adj): situations or states that keep occurring or which seem to exist all the time, used especially to describe problems or difficulties. Syn: continual, lasting. Eg: The perennial problems such as homelessness, violence against women and Dovertv never seem to seize

  7. CALL ON 1) Phrasal verb If you call on someone or call upon someone, you pay them a short visit. Syn: visit.

  8. CALL OFF 1) Phrasal verb To cancel something.