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Lesson 14 - Roots of English Words to Build a Strong Vocabulary - M
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Reema Behl
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Your test scores are vital. Particularly, language assessments. How do you expect studying in a foreign country if you do not even know how to communicate in a different language?. In addition, note that you are not the only one applying to the program. Typically, if you do not get the minimum score, academic selectors are not going to review your application.
Hi are very erogenous explained.thanks
  1. Roots of English words Words starting with the letter M

  2. MACRO Great o Macrocosm: Comprehensive world o Macroscopic: Big enough to be sen with naked eye

  3. MICRO: Small o Microcosm: Representative system of something big or a miniature o Microscope: An instrument that maghifies images of small objects

  4. Macrocosm vs Macrocosm While a microcosm is considered to be a small unit or entity of something Larger, a macrocosm is that Larger body.

  5. MAG, MAJ, MAS, MAX, MEGA Great o Magnify: To entarge o Magnanimous: Very generous o Maximum: Grreatest possible quantity o Megalomania: An obsession with extravagant thing:s

  6. Magnanimous avn Megalomania The actor's megalomania has turned him into an arrogant person. The magnanimous billionaire made great donations to various charities

  7. MIS Wrong, Hate, Bad o Misconstrue: To interpret incorrectly o Misanthrope: hates/ distrusts humanity or people o Mishap: misfortune Misunderstand: To understand incorrectly

  8. MONO One o Monologue: Long speech made by one person e Monotonous: one unvarying tone, dull o Monogamy: the practice of marrying or state of being married to one person at a time Monolith o Monochrome

  9. MEM, MEN Remember o Memory o Memento: A keepsake (reminder of the past) Reminisce: To recall the past