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Lesson - 1 Ranking, Order Basic Concepts and Practice Questions (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about reasoning ranking and order which will tell some basic concept of the topic and will cover some of the practice questions so that the learners can have the good command on the topic.

Mona Choudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mona Choudhary
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ek no mam keep it up and thank u
mam you are great... this is the best video on order and ranking ...thanks for the video mam 💕💕
Mona Choudhary
9 months ago
good....keep learning 😊
Hello.This is by far the best video on Order and Ranking topic.. Thank-you
Mona Choudhary
a year ago
Your welcome!
  1. Lesson 1: Ranking and Order Basic Concepts With Practice Questions unacademy FOR IBPS PO SBI PO OTHER BANK EXAMS By Mona Choudhary

  2. RANKING AND ORDER By MONA CHOUDHARY BA SIC CONLEPT x tom the tet Rous side ot pa sons, position is L and Position tH m the Jught Fird ha total No Position from Right corn Totae Num beH Pex sons RT Lt Position fom eft Cor

  3. st an a Row ot pusons, po Hon ot x tHom the Top La T and og x iom the Bottom 'u . Thin th Total openson a Position Total Numben os Pnson TotalTop t Boltom-4 Position feom Top Top = Total-Bottorvm) Position from Botonm Bottom-Total"-Top-t

  4. Question 1: In a row of persons, position of Rohan from the left side of the row is 27th and the position of Rohan from the right side of the row is 34th. Find the total number of persons in a row. Solution Position of Ratan iom lelt si - 2 PosiHon of Rohan from Rt s3yh Total Numbo Toral

  5. Question 2: In a row of 25 persons, position of P from the left side of the row is 10th. Find the position of P from the right side of the row. Soluion Totat No of Pensons T)2S Position of Pomsi k L)- io Position o P from ight sR) =16

  6. Question 3: In a row of girls, position of Sonam is 9th from the left side and Aishwarya is 18th from the right side. If they interchange their positions, Sonam becomes 15th from the left.How many girls are there in a row. L= 15 S A 9 12 Toral Numbu b 3iu UT) before Intenchar 1 5 15 18-1

  7. Question 4: Rohan is 35th from the left end while Sandeep is 30th from the right end and 9th to the right of Rohan. Find the total number of persons in a queue. Solution Posiion of Sandeep from lett Position Sandeep jrom Raht 35 9 30 Ra 30 Total Numbex % Persons (T)

  8. THANK YOU!!!