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Lesson 1: Introduction
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This is the first lesson in the course, which describes as to why it is called the "war". Also, it went on to give a brief bio on Edison and Tesla.

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Roman Saini
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Sir I tried downloading the videos thruh unacademy app bt couldn't download n I hav 320 credits .... plz help. I have my exam on 23
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You can visit this link. I think this might help you.
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sir what you doing is really appreciative.its really helpful for such students who belongs to poor families and cant join any coaching and other reasons they cant go delhi to take coaching or for girls whose parents dnt wnna teach them more nd pressurise for marry after graduation even they unable to think tht their dreams too be come true one day nd so they think its better to forget about all because its will be only reason of sorrow.i am really thankful to you sir for all.once again thank you so much sir.i really appreciate you for great work. pls sir make one course fr cse prepration, plan strategy nd best books.
I saw it on Nat Geo Documentary Edison vs Tesla American Genius series. Jobs vs Gates is my favourite episode. Thanks for reminding sir.
Love you sir for making such amazing lessons for us :)
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  1. War of currents: How Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison shaped the future of electricity by Roman Saini

  2. Lesson 1: Introduction

  3. Why War?

  4. Nikola Tesla

  5. Thomas Edison

  6. Nikola Tesla Thomas Edison Patents Around 300 More than 1000 Modern AC electricity supply system Phono Graph, Motion picture camera, Light Bulb Inventions Sharp and successful businessman Business Acumen Mad Scientist