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Lesson 1 Daily GK (in Hindi)
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Some important questions on HPGK

Ashish Thakur
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pneumatic valves cheppandi sir
sir hp si ke liye video bnaye exam Ko one month h
32 wildlife sanctuary
pabbar river is in shimla...n it originate from chandranahan lake.
kibber is in lahaul spiti having area of 1400sq km
NABARD established in july 1982
  1. . Sabathu town was part of princely state of: Baghat . Which wildlife sanctuary has largest area? - Kibber . With whose collaboration "Doodh Ganga Scheme" was launched in Himachal Pradesh? NABRAD Sawra Kuddu Hydro Project is being constructed on the river: - Pabbar . Lahaul-Spiti was created as a separate district in 1960 . Himalayan Forest Research Insititute is located at Panthaghati (Shimla) . Which of the following Act of Government of India paved the way for the formation of Himachal Pradesh as Part-"C" State?-Govt. of India Part "C" Acts, 1951 The Treaty of Sugauli" was signed between: East India Company and Nepal Govt. . Who was the Viceroy of India, when Shimla Conference was arranged in 1945? - Lord Wavell 3T

  2. . Who edited the Vansavali of the Raja of Kullu princely state? - Captain Harcourt . To which category do the Pathyar and Kanhiyara inscriptions of Kangra District of H.P, containing epigraphical records, belong? Rock inscriptions . Around which century did the Thakurs and Ranas of Lahaul come under the control of Chamba princely state? - Tenth or Eleventh . Which one of the Shimla Hill state is off-shoot of Sirmaur princely state? -Balsan . Which Raja of Suket made Pangna the capital of his state? - Bir Sen In which year did Lahaul and Kullu become British territory? 1846 A.D. . Which of the following Shimla Hill states helped the British campaign against the Gurkhas around 1814-15 A.D.? - Bushahr, Kehlur and Hindur Which Mughal ruler conferred the title of Chhatrapati upon Raja Kehri Singh of Bushahr? - Aurangzeb 3T

  3. . "Jubbal Narayan" a place famous for imprisoning criminal is located in . Kumarsain . Rohru . Ghanehti . Chaupal In which year Shimla municipality was created? . 1850 . 1862 . 1868 . 1888 . "Kunzum Pass" is famous of Spiti Valley . Kullu Valley Kangra Valley . Pangi Valley 3T

  4. "Hattu Peak" is located in which district of H.P.? . Kinnaur . Sirmaur . Kullu Shimla . "Chhari Yatra" starts from Kullu Chamba . Mandi . Manimahesh . Which of the following states is located in the South-East of H.P.? . Uttarakhand Haryana Punjab . Uttar Pradesh 31

  5. Who was the last Mughal Governor of Kangra fort in 1740? . Sayyid Hussain . Hasan Abdullaha . Sayyid Khalil . Saif Ali Khan Who drove out the Sikhs from Siba state during the second Sikh war? Gobind Singh . Bijai Singh Ram Singh Devi Singh Nagarkot was the seat of power and prestige of Sung Dynasty Pal Dynasty Katoch dynasty . None of these 3T

  6. The first Lokayukta of H. P. was Justice R. N. Grover Justice P. C. Malhotra Justice T.V.R. Tatachari Justice R.S. Sarkaria . Which of the following district of H. . is not associated with fraternal polyandry? Kinnaur .Lahaul & Spiti Kangra . Chamba The centre of Kangra school of painting was . Jawalamukhi Sujanpur . Kangra Baijnath 3T

  7. . Trilokpuri temple houses the idol of . Lord Shiva . Lord Ganesha Tripura Balasundri . None of these . The most useful area for the cultivation of citrus variety of fruits is Shivalik Hills . Kullu Valley . Alpine Zone Inner Himalayas Agro-economic research Centre is located in H. P. at Bilaspur . Mandi . Shimla . Sirmaur 3T

  8. . In which year H.P. Board of School Education was set up? 1969 1977 . 1980 1984 . "Nuala" folk dance is performed in the valley of Chamba . Spiti . Kinnaur Kullu Bahadurpur fort is located in which district of H.P.? Bilaspur . Hamirpur . Solan Una 3T

  9. The first member of the Rajya Sabha from H. P. is Chiranji Lal Verma . K.L.Mehta Anand Chandel . None of these . The abolition of child labour was introduced first time through Factories Act 1947 . Factories Act 1881 Factories Act 1883 . None of these . Where is State Forensic Science Laboratory Located in H.P.? Junga Palampur .Daroh Mandi 3T

  10. In the ancient time which language was spoken by the majority of the hill people? . Bhagi . Sanskrit Pahari . Kolarian . Which officer of the army belonging to H.P. became chief of the Army Staff? . K.M.Kariappa -B.CJoshi V.N.Sharma K.Sunderji . In which year first National winter sports were organized in . .? . 1996 .2000 . 2004 . None of these 3T

  11. Who wrote the book "Muklsar Twarikh-e-Riyasat' Chamba? Ranzor Singh . Gulam Ali Khan Garib Khan . Nichhan Singh . Which freedom fighter's statue has been installed in the mid of Mandi town? . Hirda Ram Padam Singh . Lala Ram . Styanand Stoke Dokhre Ka Dhan' is a famous crop of which of the following Valley's of H.P.? . Kullu Valley * Pabbar Valley .Balh Valley . Doon Valley 3T

  12. . Which of the following is not an industrial centre in Solan district of H.P. . Solan Barotiwala Parwanoo Arki The Saryun fair of Bilaspur is dedicated to . Nag Devta . Gugga Devta Hidimba Devi . None of these Where did Rani Khairagarhi join the freedom movement? Lucknow . Kanpur . Ajmer Delhi 3T

  13. . Around which year did the Gurkhas capture the Sirmaur princely state? . (A) 1803 AD . (B) 1815 AD . (C) 1820 AD . (D) 1826AD By what name did the Greek scholars call the Satluj River? . (A) Zungtee . (B) Muksang . (C) Heisidrus . (D) Satudri What is the approximate capacity of Sawra-Kuddu Hydro-Electric Power Project? (A) 65MW . (B) 100MW . (C) 111MW . (D) 130MW 3T

  14. . In which two Districts of H. . will the H.P. Forest Ecosystem Climate Proofing Project be implemented? . (A) Bilaspur and Solan . (B) Shimla and Kinnaur . (C) Una and Hamirpur (D) Kangra and Chamba . What is the architectural style of Hateshwari Temple at Hatkoti (in Jubbal Tehsi of Shimla District)? . (A) Pentroof . (B) Pagoda (C) Cone shaped . (D) Pyramidal shaped . Which of the following subject matter is not found in the Kangra Kalam style Kangra paintings of eighteenth century? . (A) Geet Gobind of Jai Deva (B) Satsai of Bihari . (C) Padmavat of Jayasee . (D) Rasik Priya of Keshav Das 3T

  15. At which place in Shimla District of H.P. is Government Sheep Breeding Farm? (A) Chopal . (B) Kiari . (C) Jeori (D) Mandal *According to 2010-11 Agricultural census what is the percentage of small land holding in . .? (A) 8.84 (B) 12.06 . (C) 17.72 (D) 18.17 Which Himachali revolutionary edited Sudarshan Chakra magazine from Lahore during the pre- independence period? (A) Yashpal .(B) Inderpal (C) Sher Jung (D) Swami Krishana Nand 31

  16. Who is the author of book Kullu and Lahaul? . (A) C.G. Bruce . (B) E.J. Buck (C) R. M. Bernier (D) W.G. Archer 3T