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Lesson 1 Basic Concept
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This lesson discusses the basic concept and relationship between manpower, time , efficiency and work

Sourabh Joneja
MBA (Mktg), B Sc , Ex banker, Selected as RRB scale 3 manager. Educator since 2011. Subject matter expert for Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoni

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  1. Time and Work Lesson - 1 Basic concept By Sourabh Joneja

  2. The Basics (Relation between Work, Manpower, Time & Efficiency) work done Manpower * If 10 Men complete a work in 20 days then 40 Men would complete the same 5 days. i.e more Men more work done in same time & vice-versa. Work done Time * If n units are produced in an Hour then in 5 hours 5n units would be producea. work in i.e. More time more units would be produced and vice -versa. work done Efficiency * If A does 5 units of work in 1 hr and B does 4 units of work in 1 hr then A is More efficient than B and hence work done by A in same time would be more than the work done by B in the same time.

  3. WorkM Manpower Time Efficiency 100 units 10 Men Type I 2 hrs 5 units/hr 5 units/hr 100 units 5 Men 4 hrs Type II 4 hrs 5hrs 5 units/hr 4 units/hr 100 units 5 Men 100 units 5 Women 4 Men 5 units/hr 4 units/hr Type III 100 units S hrs 100 units 5 Women 5 hrs