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Lecture 13 : Azeotrpes and Colligative Properties ( in Hindi)
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In this video Anirudh Walia discussed concept of azeotrope and what are colligative properties.

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Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || YouTube Channel: Anirudh Walia, 2 Lac+ Subscribers, 10 Million+ views

Unacademy user
yha standard deviation kya matter karta hai???
Neeraj Sharma
2 years ago
standard deviation  generally indicates the deviation of a set of variables from the mean value. ... For concrete, the target mean strength is calculated as the sum of characteristic strength of concrete  and 1.65 times the standard deviation of the sample
I really am at loss of words. Absolutely no explanation for deviation and the associated properties. Not useful at all for jee aspirants I believe!