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Lecture-1 (Introduction) (in Hindi)
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Biotecgnology Application -introduction

Sandeep Singh Rao
Qualifications : M. Sc. (Biotechnology),NET with AIR-75 Experience : 3 Year teaching experience in pre-medical NEET(UG) level

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  2. OVERVIEW Biotechnological Applications In Agriculture .GM0 BT Cotton .Pest Resistance Plants and RNA-interferance Biotechnological Applications In Medicine Genetically Engineered Insulin . Gene Therapy . Molecular Diagnosis . Transgenic Animals Ethical Issues

  3. 9 Applisationlagy O B Diagnostic heneticlly modified cropt for ajricuhure od)Fred crops D Protessed foad - Watetmenh

  4. T- pevidin the best catalyst in the form %)anism usually a microbe pure enyme for a catalyst o act d&wn st.eampru c essin techn..gies to purify Ce SS) the prolein oncmpou

  5. Biyy Applications In A culture :- ote chnolo ophoerineeaing d i Ao- chemical basexl aiculue Increas) proHon based cqmiculture eneHually ro.nee red cnp based aroulhe

  6. reen Revolulian succeedeal in tipln the food Surly but it was not h to fed the 111 yiddi duet -' - th use Batter ma use impad pradhcss Pesheides ) ormes, J% the un blem.

  7. i made cop* more tolermnt to abioic hress (Cld, drought, Sal+, heat e.) reliance on Chemi peshsi Sides. (Pest resistance cap) helps to redluie pos hvesting loses v(v) Incvease efficiency gminedi usub 1 plant (thir preventc early eshavthionf foilD) hhante nutyiHone volue. Sources to indus Mes . Tn Yhe form fStayches, Ce Phama ceyticals

  8. Gmo-Genetically modified anisms) Plants, Batevi,fung, and animale whose gene share been a,tered by man i puldion Called . Gmo plant are uses in Amukne