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Lecture-1 (Biotechnology -Introduction and Definition) (in Hindi)
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Biotechnology principles and processes

Sandeep Singh Rao
Qualifications : M. Sc. (Biotechnology),NET with AIR-75 Experience : 3 Year teaching experience in pre-medical NEET(UG) level

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Single pass transmembrane are monotopic transmembrane protein. It can transport or pass one single protein of more than 100 amino acid from one side to other at a time. Glycophorin is a single pass transmembrane protein.

  2. Overview Introduction And Definition Types Of Biotechnology Principle of Biotechnology Genetic Engineering ((Recombinant DNA Technology) Maintenance sterile ambience Genetic Engineering-Basic principle Recombinant DNA Gene Cloning Gene Transfer Origin Of Replication Plasmid

  3. Overview Tools Of Genetic-engineering Lysing Enzymes Restriction enzymes Polymerase enzymes Ligases Vectors Host organism.

  4. Overview Process Of Recombinant DNA Technology Isolation of the Genetic Material (DNA) Cutting of DNA at Specific Locations Amplification of Gene of Interest using PCR Insertion of Recombinant DNA into the Host Cell/Organism Obtaining the Foreign Gene Downstream Processing Product and Use of Bioreactor

  5. BIOTECHNOLOGY stud Product Service for Call, Enaymes Human So Bictech noleny" tem - by Kal Eeky (13)

  6. echnoloqy0 I0 Modern After 1970 Class cal ol ofechno/o - genetc enajneeri Bea prodvction

  7. Definitionse-Biotechnol European Fedration :- founded in 197, acated in celonarain) is a non profit 'Fe dration issioh - promote the safe, sustainable and benificial yse of lrfe - Science and iote chn)o european federation of biotechnology Definition of Biotechnology according to EFB The integration of natural science and organisms, cells, parts thereof, and molecular analogues for products and services'

  8. Principle of Biotechnalo aman many he core lechniyue, We Ye sponsible fer he development of moden biotechnslo Maintenance of sterile ambien ce enaineein (microbial contamiation free medium/Condio) Techniques to alter the chemistry to enabe anly desired micvobe Eukery lic Cell in aya 9uanilies for he Manufacture ie mico het ansfer gene of SV-40 (Semian Vius-4) like anlibioesvaccins enymer ek help of .,-pinge He was award Nbel pize. n 1g8o