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Lec 03- Trigonometric Fourier Series and Important Properties (in Hindi)
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Fourier Series of l and pie interval and it's properties.

Yash Dixit
B.Tech(ECE) from AKTU LUCKNOW. YouTuber [GATE Education] Motivational Speaker. VLSI Design & Verification Engineer. Follow me for GATE.

Unacademy user
how odd*odd= even ? I didn't get it . 3*3 =9 . mentioned in part basics part 2
Yash Dixit
10 days ago
Bro here I am talking about function not number.. like minus multiply by minus is plus also odd function multiply by odd function is even function it's property.. you can prove also take function and then solve you will get same.
Yash Dixit
10 days ago
Don't confused with odd number * odd number
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  2. Fourier Series

  3. ario dic n cien chon which the mtai Tima Period

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  5. Ao- ao an

  6. fn) d J Ces nx dx an F bn J

  7. * Sn Case -LQ,.fndarvaL. r , ,frturva.

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