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LCM and HCF Important Questions Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Lcm and Hcf important questions part 1 (in Hindi)

Anil Kumar Sah
Mera teaching experience 11 years hai mai jharkhand Bihar fir west bangal Now i m in three years UP in Allhabad.

Unacademy user
sir your teaching ie very usefull you r great sir
love you Sir G awesome
very very nice video sir app ka ehsan kese chukaege sir I love you.
दो संख्याओं का लघुत्तम समापवर्तक इनके महत्तम समापवर्तक को 14 गुणा है । लघुतम समापवर्तक ( LCM ) तथा महत्तम समापवर्तक ( HCF ) का जोड़ 600 है । यदि एक संख्या 280 है , तो दूसरी संख्या है? please solutions sir....
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