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L4 - Eligibility And Fee (in Hindi)
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Yash Aaditya Singh
Electronics And Communication Engineer From IET Lucknow, IYMC Maths Olympiad Bronze Medalist, CAT,XAT And CDS Qualifier, Active Debater

Unacademy user
thank u soooo much bro......
Mudit Gupta
2 years ago
You're Welcome :)
sir u left the medical standards to be read on our own...........
See, those standards are very specific for services like IPS, etc. Focus on clearing the paper right now. Those medical standards will be explained in detail once you clear it...:)
Abhishek Tyagi
2 years ago
sir plzz atleast tell about the lasik for eyeglasses
bhai... clear Kar le pehle... agar bht problem hai to disabled me aa jaoge... if your correction is less than +- 6, you are fine..... Unless you are only targeting IPS, you have nothing to worry about. and even in IPS, there are people with eye corrections. So chill
lasik karwa chuke go....??
Abhishek Tyagi
2 years ago
acha sir ek baat btao maan lo maine bahut mehnat krke xam nikaal liya or phir medical me bahar ho gya to kya fayda hoga...... isiliye puch ra tha lasik krwaunga ab -6 h mera axact
I fill my no of attempts as 2 but I think it's 3.. If it will affect my candidature in CSE??
I forget my no of attempts.. It should be 2 or 3.. What should I write while filling the form??
  1. Everything About CSE Notification, 2018 By Yash Aaditya Singh

  2. About Me e Electronics And Communications Engineer From IET, Lucknow(AKTU) CAT, XAT, NMAT And CDS Qualifier. International Youth Maths Contest(IYMC) Maths Olympiad(World Level) Bronze Medalist Enthusiastic About Debating And Speeches. Bibliophile. Budding Photographer. And Now A Teacher..)

  3. Eligibility Conditions (iii) Minimum Educational Qualifications :The candidate must hold a degree of any of Universities incorporated by an Act of the Central or State Legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University Under Section-3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification.

  4. Eligibility Conditions Note l: Candidates who have appeared at an examination the passing of which would render them educationally qualified for the Commission's examination but have not been informed of the results as also the candidates who intend to appear at such a qualifying examination will also be eligible for admission to the Preliminary Examination. All candidates who are declared qualified by the Commission for taking the Civil Services (Main) Examination will be required to produce proof of passing the requisite examination with their application for the Main Examination failing which such candidates will not be admitted to the Main Examination. The applications for the Main Examination will be called sometime in the month of July/August, 2018.

  5. Eligibility Conditions Note Il: In exceptional cases the Union Public Service Commission may treat a candidate who does not have any of the foregoing qualifications as a qualified candidate provided that he/she has passed examination conducted by the other Institutions, the standard of which in the opinion of the Commission justifies his/her admission to the examination. Note IIl: Candidates possessing professional and technical qualifications which are recognised by the Government as equivalent to professional and technical degree would also be eligible for admission to the examination

  6. Eligibility Conditions Note IV: Candidates who have passed the final professional M.B.B.S. or any other Medical Examination but have not completed their internship by the time of submission of their applications for the Civil Services (Main) Examination, will bee provisionally admitted to the Examination provided they submit along with their application a copy of certificate from the concerned authority of the University/Institution that they had passed the requisite final professional medical examination. In such cases, the candidates will be required to produce at the time of their interview original Degree or a certificate from the concerned competent authority of the University/Institution that they had completed all requirements (including completion of internship) for the award of the Degree.

  7. Eligibility Conditions (iv) Number of attempts: Every candidate appearing at the examination who is otherwise eligible, shall be permitted six attempts at the examination: Provided that this restriction on the number of attempts will not apply in the case of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes candidates who are otherwise eligible: Provided further that the number of attempts permissible to candidates belonging to Other Backward Classes, who are otherwise eligible, shall be nine. The relaxation will be available to the candidates who are eligible to avail of reservation applicable to such candidates

  8. Eligibility Conditions Provided further that candidates of Persons with Benchmark Disability will get as many attempts as are available to other candidates who do not belong to Persons with Benchmark Disability of his or her community, subject to the condition that a candidate of Persons with Benchmark Disability belonging to the General Category shall be eligible for nine attempts. Necessary action to make corresponding changes in respective Rules/regulations pertaining to various services is being taken separately.

  9. Eligibility Conditions The relaxation will be available to the candidates of Persons with Benchmark Disability who are eligible to avail of reservation applicable to such candidates. Note (1) An attempt at a Preliminary Examination shall be deemed to be an attempt at the CIV Services Examination. () IT a candidate actually appears in any one paper in the Preliminary Examination, he/she shall be deemed to have made an attempt at the Examination. (II) Notwithstanding the disqualification/cancellation of candidature, the fact of appearance of the candidate at the examination will count as an attempt.

  10. Eligibility Conditions (v) Restrictions on applying for the examination: (a) A candidate who is appointed to the Indian Administrative Service or the Indian Foreign Service on the results of an earlier examination and continues to be a member of that service will not be eligible to compete at this examination. In case such a candidate is appointed to the IAS/IFS after the Preliminary Examination of Civil Services Examination, 2018 is over and he/she continues to be a member of that service, he/she shall not be eligible to appear in the Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2018 notwithstanding his/her having qualified in the Preliminary Examination, 2018

  11. Eligibility Conditions (vi) Physical Standards: Candidates must be physically fit according to physical standards for admission to Civil Services Examination, 2018 as per guidelines given in Appendix-Ill of Rules for Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary dated 7th February, 2018.

  12. Fee "Pay by Cash" mode will be deactivated at 23.59 hours of 05.03.2018 i.e. one day before the closing date; however applicants who have generated their Pay-in- Slip before it is deactivated may pay at the counter of SBl Branch during banking hours on the closing date. Such applicants who are unable to pay by cash on the closing date i.e during banking hours at SBI Branch, for reasons whatsoever, even if holding valid pay-in-slip will have no other offline option but to opt for available online Debit/Credit Card or Internet Banking payment mode on the closing date i.e. till 18:00 Hours of 06.03.2018.