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L1(Crash Course Boards) Important Illustrations of Indefinite Integration (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Integrals.

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Ashish Bajpai
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Unacademy user
last question ka answer explain?
Piyush Varshney
8 months ago
sir at 3:21 from where we got sec^2x+cosec^2x-3 n sir why answer is coming different if we take sin4x
Ashish Bajpai
3 months ago
in indefinite Integration because of presence of constant we may get different answers
Udit Singh
3 months ago
ok sir
Udit Singh
3 months ago
but from where we got sec^2x+cosec^2x-3
Shamistha Sharna
2 months ago
sir thank you..but..
3:37 At step 2 instead of converting in sec cosec cant we convert it in sin4x. If yes,then why answer is not matching. Sir,I have seen in many quesstions just by doing it with diffrent method sometimes answer doesnt match. Plz sir,clear this query
Ashish Bajpai
3 months ago
In indefinite Integration because if presence of constant , answer does not match
sir please aap video daliye boards ke upar frequently bcoz sir practice nhi ho pa rha ache question ka which results in low confidence and fear
Ashish Bajpai
4 months ago
I am trying my best to put videos , soon will post
Ashish Bajpai
3 months ago