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L1 Introduction to Basics of Circles & Theorem (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important theorems of Circle

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Ashish Bajpai
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Poonam Gupta
10 months ago
Thank you😊😊
Ashish Bajpai
a month ago
suppose circle pass, through (2,2 ) and 9,9 and touches the circle x axis at p . o is the origine then op is equal to
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
Write the general equation of circle , satisfty with given points and now put y =0 thrn then it will be Quadratic now D=0 as its a tangent , after solving quadratic , you will get P , now find P and then find distance easily with origin.
sir please make all vedios of conic sections as soon as possible sir please sir
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
now I have started coordinate geometry , will finish all chapters
thank u sir for sharing this knowledge
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
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