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L1 Concepts of Definite Integration (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed concept of Definite Integration

Ashish Bajpai is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashish Bajpai
BTech|| MBA || You Tuber ,Detailed lectures will make you love , feel and enjoy Maths. The more you will learn ,will have thirst for more.

Unacademy user
sir is this course enough for GATE purpose?
very well starting of chapter
Ashish Bajpai
3 days ago
sir will u please add the basic for continuity coz I don't know even any thing
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
first study limits completely then there are 2 courses on continuity start from basic one , limit should be completed
sir u had added the limit
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
yes 3 courses are there part1 ,part2 and advanced
okay sir tysm for helping
But sir how many I wanna study for continuity
sir when will you start crash course on mathematics so that we can do the whole revision
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
it's already there for Algebra 100 days and I have already prepared many crash course just check my profile
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
more courses will be added also
Priyansh Mehta
9 months ago
thank you sir
sir is it a complete course on definite integration .If yes...thanks a lot. Thankyou........please reply
Ashish Bajpai
10 months ago
no , more lessons will be added daily and then you will have one more advance course which will have more challenging concepts
sir iske kitne course honge?
Dev Kumar
9 months ago
ok when will advance come?
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
just in 2 - 3 days