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L1 Beyond Conics Section : Tangent to the Ellipse ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed concept of Tangent to Ellipse

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sir kitne din chalega ye chapter
Ashish Bajpai
10 months ago
5-6 days
10 months ago
and next konsa hoga
Ashish Bajpai
10 months ago
Sagarpandey PANDEY
10 months ago
sir hyperbola or rectangular hyperbola parallel hi Hoga kya
  1. Ellipse -Defimition -)Standard equation -> Other forms of Ellipse Posidion of a Point Relative to an Ellipse Parametric Equation of an Ellipse -Basic ques tians

  2. Tangent and Normal Equation of the tangent to an Ellipse Let the equation of the ellipse be> 2 2 i 2 Hence the equation ofthe argent a (xi'y )

  3. i s 2. at y, I-C Cacoso, b sino) is obtained ypaing x, =a cos (0) b sim(a)

  4. y sin(o) -t 1

  5. Equation of the Tanget i Terms of its Stape Condi tion o Tangemey To find the condition tha the lin y=mx+C may touck the ellipse 2 Tamgent to elipse a Cacoso, bsimo)

  6. ysinlo) sa a to he iven ellipse ther corn parm coef fci ed Cos CO) Sm(0) aTm sino COSO ahm

  7. 2 1 Then efore, the eqUatier of ahangad to the ellipse 2. 2 2 or all valaes of m

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