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Know about Punishment
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In this lesson I am going to teach about punishment

Mouli Roy is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mouli Roy
Yutube Channel SAHOJPATH. Advocate. B.A.LL.B. Cleared All India Bar Council Exam. MBA pursuing Faculty of Law, UPSC, WBPSC.

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  1. Know about Punishment By Mouli Roy

  2. Punishment . It is a process by which the state inflicts some pain to the persons / property of person who is found guilty of crime. . In other words it is sanction imposed on an accused for the infringement of the establishment rules

  3. Introduction . From sec 53 to 73 of the IPC, 1860, deals with the scheme of Punishment

  4. Object . The object of Punishment is to protect society from criminals/ offenders.

  5. Punishment under the IPC: Sec 53 of the IPC prescribes five kinds of Punishment are as follows: 1. Death 2. Imprisonment for life, 3. Imprisonment which is two descriptions namel;y Rigorous , that is with hand labor Simply 4. Forfeiture of Property and 5. Fine

  6. All about Punishment as per Psychology: . In old days an eye for an eye is one of the strongest human instincts, but reciprocating harm is not always the best course of action..... . Punishment sometimes


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