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Know about Public Speaking and Communication skills
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Knowing all about Public Speaking and Communication Skills.

Dr Priyadarshini Verma
A Teacher & a Learner both. A Researcher by Qualification; A Teacher by Profession; and a Learner by Virtue...

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Rahul solanki
a year ago
quite detailed & useful. Pls keep uploading more lessons. Thnks.
Thank you so much Mr. Dinesh. Your feedback is precious.

  2. Objectives: To provide simple but effective tips to overcome the fear factors revolving around public speaking and make it a powerful an<d impressive one. To target students and professionals with public speaking and communication problems who strongly want to improve upon it.


  4. Well "Glossophobia" which also Do you know what is "Glossophobia"? means speech anxiety, is the fear of public speaking A l ot many of us have been at one point of time or still are "Glossophobic ", he very mention of making a speech, or speaking in public, or addressing a gathering or a crowd is enough to give jitters * Similarly, have you ever heard of the term "Anthrophobia"? It means the fear of humans, also known as interpersonal relation phobia or social phobia, which is a big hindrance to our communication skills e Yet again there are many of us, who fear indulging into conversations or to communicate whatever is on our mind So while in our country, the meaning of education is only textbook specific, we do not have a curriculum for developing our life skills, communication skills, being confident at addressing any gathering, stage comfort, persona skill, etc.

  5. So at the end of our degree, a lot many still face problems securing job because of our lack of life skills Even if we have immense knowledge, well informed, well updated with the happenings around, we still find ourselves not being confident enough to engage in a conversation, or initiating any sort of formal- informal conversation, being uncomfortable with making stage appearances, etc At the end we are left with questions like, how do I control my Nerves, or how to get rid of social phobia, or rather how do we establish effectual and prompt connect with the audience, how do I overcome my stage fears or public speaking fears, or what is the correct way of striking a conversation, what if I forget my speech, what if I freeze with fear, what if the audience is not impressed at all, etc. ??

  6. Well the answer to these are some useful tips, tricks and exercises that will help you gain confidence over those little doubts Well, frankly speaking, it is absolutely normal to be nervous before speaking before an audience, be it small or large. All you need to do is to take up the challenging task of over coming the fear and practice rigorously in advance * Similar is the case with developing strong communication skills. One needs to regularly engage in meaningful conversations with various groups, and participate in discussions and activities that will help empower their communication skills

  7. Difference between Public Speaking and Communication skills: Public Speaking: Communication skills: It includes speaking to a certain public This is highly spontaneous and an interactive exercise between any number or addressing to a gathering(large orof people, which can be formal or infora mal or informal small depending upon the situation. Under this, the information conveyed isThis can be formal and informal in nature generally in an intended manner, or angenerally meant for conveying a message informative manner, or for casting an f influence or entertaining the audience. eeling or thought. Communication is in itself a broad life Public speaking can be counted as a part of Communication skill, classified under different modes and types Use of language is generally formal. Use of language can be formal or informal depending upon the type of communication

  8. Hence despite differences or similarities between public speaking and communication skills, we should know thatboth are extremelv essential for our personal and professional growth Strong communication skills will help us reach out to many people in formal or informal manner, and exchange ideas, thoughts, feelings Whereas good Public speaking skills will act as an immense self booster, and straightaway gain confidence in our personality. e Both these skills, can be inherent in an individual, or can be improved upon and empowered with constant and sincere efforts. We shall discuss the tips and tricks to help possess not only good communication skills but also great public speaking skills in our upcoming lectures.