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Khadi Board LD Exam (02/03/2019) : Maths and Mental Ability Questions Solved Part 2 (in Malayalam)
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Khadi Board LD Exam (02/03/2019) : Maths and Mental Ablity Questions Solved Part 2 ( in Malayalam )

Anoop S Pillai
YouTube Channel : Kerala PSC Online Guruji M.Tech in Communication Engineering

Unacademy user
Sir please clarify me. I think investment is good for economy not saving. Thus if saving-investment ratio is high it mean more saving and less investment and this will lead to economic slow down.
Jatin Verma
2 years ago
First you save and then only you invest.... You are correct..... I would put is this way- Saving is better; investment is the best:)
Vishal choudhary
2 years ago
savings vll become investment of someone else as economy moves foreward but if savings are more investment are low then dangerous for economy.Agreed to both of you.