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June 9 -15 Week 1 Study Plan Part - 2
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Ayussh Sanghi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ayussh Sanghi
Passionate Educator - CSE / Other Govt Exams [Peep into my Unacademy Plus Courses & experience awesome learning.]

Unacademy user
sir you were working with study iq I saw your videos there but why did you left study iq.
Tahira Anju
2 years ago
is it matter why he left ? ..we need to focus on knowldge bro
Unknown Man
2 years ago
yes sir we should sry for that
Tahira Anju
2 years ago
ur r nyc guy ... and u have ability to achive world . soo don't " keep calm n move on"
Hello Sir, I'm a working professional and I think if this course carries on a study plan of 4 hrs everyday it would be enough for all the working professionals but if you are planning to steadily increase the study time above 4 hours then I think the working professionals will need another plan.
Hello sir..I am having one doubt that is it possible to complete the day wise targets within 4 hrs? because if I look into the book,it is vast,that too I am beginner.So... I am working profession and I am writing exam in 2020(1st time).
Sir, I am also working. It is manageable for me to dedicate 4hrs a day, but in the coming if you have a plan to increase it beyond 4hrs then we may need a separate for working professionals.
Awesome...Plan...Precisely to the Needs.of Exam.. Hope it Continues till the end of Mains 2020........
I am working professional and preparing for UPSC 2020. DNS take lot of time. around 2-3 year to complete news with note making
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