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June 2011 - Part 2 (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains solutions and explainations of June 2011 Geography paper 2.

Neerja Patel
Assistant professor || Black belt holder || Certified Yoga Instructor || movies/ crafts/ knitting /novels/ poems/ excursion

Unacademy user
player s nte question I'll oru doubt 17 I'll oral koode varumbol 18*1+23 alle (degree level oo4/2019 I'll 3rd question I'll angne anu cheythekune)
Anantha Krishnan G
7 months ago
the avg age of 5 tchrs in skul 3o if the age of the principal is added increase by 3 what is age of principal?? answer I'll 6*3+3o=48 ivde but seventeen thanne analo eduthath?
Ismaiel Kalady
7 months ago
athin ee qstn il 22 alle ? 18 + 22 = 40
Ismaiel Kalady
7 months ago
try to understand the method rather than checking the numbers & stuff ..edukunnath enganeyum edukaam .
Anantha Krishnan G
7 months ago
k Sir ipol manasilayi 👍👍
7 months ago
ethu onndue oru eg parayamo
thank you so much mam.... you explained it very nicely.....
  1. Geography Paper 2 June 2011 Solved Q.11 to 20 PRESENTED BY NEERJA PATEL

  2. o Assistant Professor Geograplhy o Black belt in Martial art o Certified Yoga instructor o I like the process of acquiring wisdom by interchanging knowledge, thats why I'm here:) Hello! I'm Neerja

  3. TTUT (R) T : (B) (A) T(1 (R) Ans.c

  4. Ans. D

  5. 60 Oyashio ador Alas N. Pacific N Atantic Drift N. Pacific Gulf Stream 30 Calfornia 0 Kurosho Equatorial Guinea Equatonal Current Counter North Equatorial N Equatorial N Equatorial 0 Equatorial Counter S. Equatorial Equatorial Counter South Equatorial Equatorial W Australia Peru Brazil Australia 30% Benguela Mozambique South Pacific South Atlantic Antarctic Antarctic Crcumpolar 60 Antarctic Subpolar Robinson Projection Warm Current Cold Current

  6. ET I EII (TITUT /Fra ) ( @RT/THE) (a) 3 (b) TFTH (c) 1@TT (d) (ii) f ( ) FT (iv) : (B) (ii) (i) (iii) (iv) Ans. B

  7. (Te ) Ans. A (C) (D) (iii) (i) (iv) (ii) (ii) (iii) (i) (iv)

  8. (B) (A) zwi (R) (R), Ans. D (D) (A) TT (R) !

  9. Ans. C

  10. Ans. C