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JEE Mains (2017-2015): Set Relation and Function Previous Year Questions with Solution (in Hindi)
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Important topic for JEE MAINS. Probably one question should be in JEE Mains Exam from function.

Shivam Gupta
JEE Mains and Advanced Mathematics with Shivam Sir Be maths expert with us - Aspire Study Youtube Channel

Unacademy user
thank you so much sir
power set of empty set has how many subset ?? sir plzz reply
Sanowar Shah
7 days ago
one subset
thank you sir for your support to crack the IIT JEE
sir can u say that how to comes 37 I have an doubt of these place
Rohit kumar
8 months ago
sister aap combination ko formula se sol. karoge to aa jayega ye formula lagao ncr=n! /(n-r)! r! and here n=8 given and and r is 0,1,2 is given.. so solve and finally get your answer.
thank you so much
sir second question me set jo hai wo real no. contain karega then hmara answer √2 and -√2 aaya hai then answer to empty set hona chahiye but aapne bola it contains exactly two elements . how ? plz reply
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