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JEE Advanced Problems-1 Logarithms (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses her Advanced problem on logarithm

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
IITian | No. 1 Educator in IIT-JEE (Maths) | 3 Million Minutes Watch Time | 8+ Years Experience | Youtube: Maths Wallah |

Unacademy user
there is no summary of class 10 ncert summary plzz mam if there is available mam then I can't find it can u give me link here plzz plzz mam
sir shouldn't the answer be 4+2 = 6 and not 4*2 = 8 since there is an addition sign there
Vineet Loomba
14 days ago
see in the question multiplication is there...instead of plus it shud be multiply
more questions on logarithmic ...and thank you 😊
sir could you please suggest a teacher of physics and chemistry whom we can completely rely on..... u teach grt...
Sumon mondal
18 days ago
There are a lot of teachers in unacademy itself. u can choose whomever u want.
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