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Vani Mehra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vani Mehra
Founder, Vanicademy Educator/Youtuber Cleared UPSC Prelims and Mains Offline/Online Tutor for UPSC CSE Exams 4Years teaching experience

Unacademy user
correct ans is b1u
Prakash Saha
a year ago
Sorry I made a typing mistake in previous comment. It is actually b1u. The comment is not editable.
first time listening to you....very good initiative....a doable request ""mam if possible please cut short the sentence length" like born - @ kundagram , kshatriya parents, wife- Yashoda, had a daughter, @ age 30 became ascetic, wandered 12 years before attaining kevala gnana (came to be known as Mahavira) .....and so on.... I again say if possible....b/c I think this way could make this course a great one! Thanks at last for coming with this....and please get committed to continue ☺️
great course by great educator
Vani Mehra
5 months ago
Thank you so much:)
Jaspinder singh
5 months ago
thq mam
miss when u will upload ncert history class 12 th