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Jain Philosophy (in Hindi)
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Jain Philosophy in (In Hindi) for UGC net exam / SLET exam in Education subject

Navneeta Tripathi
P.G in Edu,Eco& Bachelor in Education UGC-NET in Education Learner,writer,reader,singer,sports lover&so on

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Madam part1 on Indian school of philosophy note nahi
sorry mahvir ke father sidhart gyatrik dynestri ke sardar the Aur Mother Trisla Lachchavis king chetek ki sister thi.
sorry mam mahvir g ki mother Laxmi princess nation iska pronunciation khuch Aur hai
Mam mahvir g ki mother Lachavis dynestri se thi.
Mam thanks for your way of Teaching.
  1. Indian School Of Philosophy Part-3 Jain Philosophy By- Navneeta Tripathi User ID

  2. Jainism Philosophy Origin of Jainism Name 'Jainism' is derived from the term 'Jina' Jina' means to conquer the lower nature i.e. hatred, jealousy etc and achieved perfect knowledge So term 'Jin' from Jain literature refers to a person who has overcome his sensual vices Person has obtained full control over his worldly desires 'Tirthankers' they are path finders

  3. Jainism Philosophy Origin of Jainism e Teaching of Tirthankers' are the base of Jain Philosophy Jainism is a collection of teachings of twenty four Tirthankers . The proponent of Jainism was "Rishabhdev" The lastTirthanker was "Mahavir" 23rd Tirthanker was "Parsva Nath" Mahavir giving the Jainism a definite form

  4. Jainism Philosophy Origin of Jainism . Vardhman (Mahavir) was born in 540 B.C. at Kundagram e His mother Trishala was a Lachchavis princess . Mahavir led the life of an ordinary householder up to the . He saw suffering around him Vaishali (In Bihar) Mahavir belonged to royal family age of thirty years

  5. Jainism Philosophy Origin of Jainism e He left home in search for truth He wandered from place to place for twelve long years Attained "Kaivalya" ( supreme knowledge) and thus came to be called Mahavira ( or the great conqueror) . He propagated the Jain religion for thirty years and attained salvation at the age of 72 years at Pavapuii in Bihar

  6. Jainism Philosophy Origin of Jainism Jainism is an ethical doctrine with rigorous self-discipline Jina obtains perfect knowledge (Kaivalya) and becomes a spiritual leader known as "Trithankar" Mahavira travelled from place to place for the rest of his life to teach people . Jainism spread over a large region like Magadha, Anga, Mithila, Koshala

  7. Jainism Philosophy Origin of Jainism Today we can see the large number of Jains in all over the India - Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Odisha etoc It spread over a large area because of its simple teachings and absence of discrimination between high and low

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