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Drug Discovery and Development Brief

Pooja Govil
Delhi University Gold Medalist πŸ’« 6 yrs teaching experience πŸ˜‡ "Life is all about Learning and Laughing" πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Lets do it together.. 😎😎😎

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Vipin Sahoo
10 months ago
Nice explanation thank you mam
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6 months ago
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clear explanation tnq. mam.
Pooja Govil
a year ago
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  2. WHAT WE WILL STUDY? . Step wise procedure of: Drug Discovery . Step wise procedure of: Drug Development

  3. DRUG DISCOVERY STEP 1: Choose a disease STEP 2: Choose a drug target determine biological activity. some activity against the chosen target, but not yet . STEP 3: Identify a "bioassay" : A test used to . STEP 4: Find a "lead compound": Structure that has good enough to be the drug itself.

  4. STEP 5: Synthesize analogs of the lead compound . STEP 6: Identify Structure-Activity-Relationships (SAR's) STEP 7: ldentify the "pharmacophore": the structural features directly responsible for activity. . STEP 8: Optimize structure to improve interactions with target

  5. STEP 9: Determine toxicity and efficacy in animal models. .STEP 10: Determine pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the drug. Pharmaco odynamics explores what a drug does to the body, whereas pharmacokinetics_explores what the body does to the drug

  6. DRUG DEVELOPMENT . STEP 11: Patent the drug . STEP 12: Continue to study drug metabolism . STEP 13: Continue to test for toxicity STEP 14: Design a manufacturing process . STEP 15: Carry out clinical trials . STEP 16: Market the drug

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