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This lesson introduces with the concept of structure of atom describing it's sub-atomic also discusses about the discovery of electron..

Gargee Vats
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calculate the lambda of highest energetic transition of H2 atom....??? reply pls..
thanks for the vdo mm help us v mch
thanks for helping us I am Adeeya Rizwan
ma'am, what is absolute charge and relative charge ?
de please upload the video of 10 science ncert
  1. CLASS IX NCERT SCIENCE Chapter 4 Structure of Atom

  2. About Me: Gargee Vats Pursuing from G.B.Pant University of agriculture and technology, Uttarakhand Preparing for UPSC CSE. Learning enthusiast Follow me : 1996 Please do Like , Share and Recommend.

  3. Atom Atoms and molecules are the building block of matter. Are atoms divisible???? If we rub comb in dry hair, then this comb attracts small pieces of paper. Rub a glass rod with a silk cloth and bring it near inflated balloon , then glass rod attracts to balloon.

  4. Charge particles in Matter > We can conclude that on rubbing two object together they become electrically charged. > This charge shows that atom consists of charged particles. Hence, atom is divisible.

  5. Structure of atom Atom consists of three sub-atomic particles: Electrons- Negatively charged. Represented by e Protons Positively charged. Represented by p. Neutrons - Neutral in charge. Represented by n.

  6. Discovery of electron Discovered by J. J. Thomson in 1897. Electricity was passed in discharge tube Air at Very Low Pressure Discharge Tube Green Glow at high voltage through a gas at low pressure taken in tube Formation of cathode rays which consisted of electrons. Anode Cathode To Vacuum Pump High Vollage Generator Concluded that atom consists of negatively charged electron.

  7. Characteristics Mass of electron-9.1 x 1031 kg. charge of electron-absolute charge of electron is 1.6 x 10-19 coulomb . Whereas the relative charge is -1 Represented by e

  8. Thank you!!!!