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Introduction to Web Development (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, has given an Introduction to Web Development

Amit Singh Sansoya
I am a student pursuing B.Tech CSE at LPU.I am a programmer and have programming experience in the languages like C, C++ and Python.

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i want to become a web developer . i'm learning online . bt javascript can't understand properly, so plz tell me what should i do?
Amit Singh Sansoya
7 months ago
once you are done with the basic understanding of html css you can try on learning js. You should learn about making functions in javascript and should know that how you can change the style using js that comes under the topic of event handler.
  1. Web Deve lopment CSS-Beginners By: -Amit Singh Sansoya

  2. WHAT IS WEB-DEVELOPMENT AND WHY? Web development is related to websites and handling the data and every possible thing which is online. It consists of formatting data them It's Today's Demand -As every one is going Digital It's way of Expanding business Add your third bullet point here

  3. What is CSS -CSS-CASCADING STYLE SHEET It is style sheet language . It is responsible for the styles and formatting and some of the animations which we observe on some of the web pages. . It is used with the markup language-i.e. HTML It is used to make the web page more attractive and stylish.

  4. WAYS TO ATTACH CSS WITH HTML .INLINE CSS-using as attributes INTERNAL CSS EXTERNAL CSS-defining CSS file in other file and using inside style tag <style> linking with HTML file using <link> tag

  5. CSS BEGINS <!DOCTYPE html> html> <head> title> My HTML </title </head> <body> <p>My name is Amit</p> </body </html> My HTML C file:///C/Users/aMit%20sInGh/Desktop/chapter1.html App G Google f Welcome to Faceboo YouTube Y Yahoo Dashboard | H My name is Amit

  6. CSS BEGINS <style> My CSS file:///C:/Users/aMit%20sinGh/Desktop/chapter1.h font-family:century gothic; font-size:4opx; color: red My name is Amit </style> </head>

  7. MORE ON CSS . We can apply CSS to any of the tags present in the HTML . We can customize each line in HTML using CSS - There are many other properties which we will learn on CSS like . Margins Borders Z-indexes . Backgrounds .Buttons Filters

  8. Topics We would be covering other modules of CSS in other videos At the end lI would be discussing with you all how to make a website and would tell you how to make a webpage like this Enter Username Enter Password Forget Password?