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Introduction to Thermodynamics
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Introduction to Thermodynamics

Gagan Narang
I am a Master of Science(Physics) student with a mind always open to new research work.

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absolutely brilliant course mam. please make few models topic
Ankita Podder
3 months ago
Thank you. Please attend live classes.
good work bud.Keep it up Introduction is very nice
Great explanation.????????
  1. Introduction to Thermodynamics

  2. What is thermodynamics and why we need to study it?

  3. Thermodynamics- "Thermo" +"Dynamics" Heat Thermo = means Dynamics - change within a system or process basically meaning change

  4. Thermodynamics is the branch of science(physics) concerned with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work. This branch of science is an integral part of oure life We will see its numerous applications and know why we need to study this course.

  5. Applications All the vehicles that we use motorcycles,cars trucks, ships all of them work on laws governed by this branch.

  6. When we sit in a comfortable air conditioned room or we store our food in a refrigerator we should keep in mind that these work on laws of this branch LG LG LG

  7. . Air and Gas Compressors run by various thermodynamic cycles.

  8. . This branch is even used to study distant stars and blackholes,measure their temperature and Luminosity . Big Bang Theory-This concept is understood on a deeper level using concepts of a thermodynamic phenomena.

  9. So, We notice Thermodynamics is practically everywhere Hence ,it is very important to have knowledge of this field.