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Introduction to the Course
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About the course

Ayon Kumar
A lifetime learner, with an intent and passion to try and minimise the efforts of learners, in a simple and easy way.

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Sorry guys please replace Matricide with Mariticide Matricide- killing of one's mother Mariticide- killing of one's husband
Bhavya Garewal
2 years ago
Thank u so much for your explanation & rectification.
Bhavya Garewal
2 years ago
And Also Thanks for the Addon words.. Ans of Antonyms : 1Manliness 2Stormy and 3Steadfast
sir plzz solve this que.. plzzzz what volume of 0.8M Alcl3 solution should be mixed with 50ml of 0.2M CaCl2 solution to get a solution of chloride ion concentration equal to 0.6
Tarun gautam
8 months ago
Thank you very Much Sir. Very Helpful Videos.
Ayon Kumar
a year ago
You are most welcome. try to go through all the lessons. And thanks Sourav for appreciating my work.
Ayon Kumar
a year ago
You are welcome Reshmi. If you find it helpful go through all the lessons. The ultimate aim of a teacher is to help the students in enhancing their understanding and making their work easier.
  1. Introduction to the course BASIC PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY: MOLE CONCEPT By-Ayon Kumar

  2. Contents of the course What is Mole? Mathematical Definition of Mole Gram atomic mass and Gram molecular mass Applications and examples of Mole concept . e .

  3. Objectives of the course To understand what is Mole and what doesit mean. * To understand the definition of Mole for solids, liquids and gases. * To use and apply Mole concept in solving problems and answering questions in Physical Chemistry.

  4. Target Audience e Students preparing for pre-medical, pre engineering exams, such as IIT-JEE NEET, and other competitive exams. Students of CBSE/ICSE and other state boards.