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Introduction to the Course
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About the course

Ayon Kumar
A lifetime learner, with an intent and passion to try and minimise the efforts of learners, in a simple and easy way.

Unacademy user
previously...percentage of course completed in each course was shown in home page..plz restart it...and if possible, a graph may be started showing the best learner in terms of time given in each day, each month, each fortnight and in every year to build up competitive spirit among fellow learners in unacademy,,,
sir plzz solve this que.. plzzzz what volume of 0.8M Alcl3 solution should be mixed with 50ml of 0.2M CaCl2 solution to get a solution of chloride ion concentration equal to 0.6
Tarun gautam
a year ago
Thank you very Much Sir. Very Helpful Videos.
Ayon Kumar
2 years ago
You are most welcome. try to go through all the lessons. And thanks Sourav for appreciating my work.
Ayon Kumar
2 years ago
You are welcome Reshmi. If you find it helpful go through all the lessons. The ultimate aim of a teacher is to help the students in enhancing their understanding and making their work easier.
  1. Introduction to the course BASIC PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY: MOLE CONCEPT By-Ayon Kumar

  2. Contents of the course What is Mole? Mathematical Definition of Mole Gram atomic mass and Gram molecular mass Applications and examples of Mole concept . e .

  3. Objectives of the course To understand what is Mole and what doesit mean. * To understand the definition of Mole for solids, liquids and gases. * To use and apply Mole concept in solving problems and answering questions in Physical Chemistry.

  4. Target Audience e Students preparing for pre-medical, pre engineering exams, such as IIT-JEE NEET, and other competitive exams. Students of CBSE/ICSE and other state boards.