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Introduction to the Course R and AC
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Decision is all about the introduction to the course where I have discussed some elements and key words that I am going to focus on the course this lesson may help student to understand about the course and its structure and its flow

SM Avadh R Patel
Being an ENGINEer to be an ENGINE for the nation

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From where to read theory of physical chemistry
Tamanna Chaudhary
5 months ago
Modern ABC is a good option.
  1. Refrigeration Air Conditioning Systems A report by SM Avadh Rajeshkumar Patel

  2. Course Title : R & AC About Reference Book : R & AC

  3. Keywords: Refrigerating system Air conditioning system Vapour compression refrigeration Vapour absorption refrigeration Thermodynamic analysis for VCR Thermodynamic analysis for VAR . . .

  4. Keywords: Elements and devices used in refrigeration and air conditioning system Compressor power . . Refrigerating effect . Refrigeration capacity COP Tonnage in refrigeration Various parameters affect on COP Refrigerant properties Numeric design based on refrigerator cycle . .

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