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Introduction to the Course (in Hindi)
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Introduction to microbial growth

Manisha Malhotra
Msc in microbiology with gold medal, qualified GATE and Uttarakhand-set. Admin of the you tube channel Manisha Malhotra tutorials.

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excellent. better than Roman Saini.
mam plg discuss immunity for gate purpose
u r very teacher
Manisha Malhotra
9 months ago
Happy to knw that... thanks 😊
Alankrita Mishra
9 months ago
thank you so much mam
  1. Manisha Malhotra Mach lolr in adial microbiology Masters in microbiology with gold medal D Qualified GATE exam 2018 and uttarakhand-SET exam Trained in protein and enzyme downstream processing at CSIR-IIP, Dehradun Don't forget to rate and review the lessons


  3. Course content Difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Growth curve- mono growth. auxic and Diauxic Synchronous growth

  4. - Continuous growth- chemostat - Mathematical expression of growth Calculation of generation time and number of generations. - Related problems

  5. Microbial growth It is an orderly increase in all the cellular constituents resulting in increase in mass. Growth is followed by cell division leading to increase in cell number. Bacteria divide by binary fission

  6. Binary fission is a method of asexual reproduction in which the cell divides into two identical daughter cells of equal size, carrying equally partitioned genetic material.

  7. Whenever a bacteria gets proper nutrition, it enters the growth phase i.e. starts to divide and increases its population When the nutrition starts exhausting the population of bacteria ceases, and due to accumulation of end products bacteria starts to die. - Whole of this process can be depicted by a curve known as growth curve.