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Introduction to the course (in Hindi)
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Introduction to the course(in Hindi)

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  1. KINGER tjDaily News Analysis The Indian Express (AUGUST) Sanchit Kinger VERIFIED UPSC CSE Mains 4 timesl PB PCS MAINSI Cleared CAPF(AC),TERRITORIAL ARMY written IQualified DENTISTI TEACHER by Passion

  2. About Me SANCHIT kjXG Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences (RuHS) Examinations qualified- UPSC Counter UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE- PRELIMS) and appeared in Mains(2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) ISociology as optional subject | - Central Armed Police Forces- Assistant Commandant (CAPF-2012) State Civil Services: - Punjab Civil Services (PCS-Mains) by Punjab Public Service Commission Name: Dr Sanchit Kinger (PPSC)-2012. Other Examinations: Territorial Army(TA) commission and Branch Commissioned Officer -Combined Graduate Level Examination(CGLE)-Tier1

  3. RINGER HINDI)Daily NewS Analysis The Indian Express (AUGUST) Sanchit Kinger VERIFIED UPSC CSE Mains 4 timesI PB PCS MAINSI Cleared CAPF(AC),TERRITORIAL ARMY written jQualified DENTISTI TEACHER by Passion

  4. SACHIT XINGER The Debate -The Hindu vs The Indian Expresso... The Hindu and The Indian Express- both are equally good newspapers!! 4 Unpredictable and ever changing nature of exam! Why this course? Why Cnpetitive Eivanm-to get an edge over others. The Indian Express??Best of both newspapers since The Hindu is covered by others. No Hard and fast rule that UPSC will ask questions from The Hindu o If some news not covered in The Hindu, will be covered by The Indian Express- Very less chance of missing out on any news...

  5. SANCHIT KINGER Course Overview/Agenda The key word is 'Analysis'.so this course: - Is not just copy and paste. - Is not just analysis of news...but analysis of different views - Will provide detailed, comprehensive, expansive, extensive and panoramic view.

  6. SANCHIT KINGER Course Overview/Agenda (Contd.) We will discuss the news and views holistically, not just from current affairs perspective but from all angles and its dimensions (i.e. issue in its entirety). Various Dimensions/Perspective of the News- Geographical, Political, Social,Economic (GPSE) National and International Dimension e.g. " PM/President's visit to Oman-So, Oman becomes important not only from economic and political point of view but also from the geographical point; Also News related to,eg. coronary stents then we need to know all things related to it - why they are used, their working mechanism, what is LDL& HDL etc.

  7. SANCHIT KINGER Target Audience 7 UPSC SSC STATE Civil Services Banking CAPF APFC Exam Aspirants And Even for those who are intellectually inclined and wish to enhance their knowledge!! (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER)

  8. SANCHIT KINGER 8 Daily 2-3 videos of 10-12 minutes duration (duration may vary depending on the issue being discussed). How are we going to proceed?? This Course is going to be your one stop destination where all relevant information is going to be provided! Also, the news analysis will be followed by 5-10 most Important and Expected MCQs(WEEKLY-ON SUNDAY), so that you can test your preparation level and also gain some additional information. (No news analysis on Saturdays, only revision of the week's news-The week that was.)

  9. The Week That Was

  10. SANCHIT KINGER 20 O 35 Q() 50 650 OO. 80 95 @ 110@ o 10 eec The Weekly Test, . eo