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Introduction to the Course (in Hindi)
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Just an introduction to course of Mathematical Reasoning 😀

Any Time Padhai Academy
Welcome to Any Time Padhai academy! Awesome content for JEE & NEET | Founded by Vineet Khatri Sir | 33 mn views & 3.5 lac students

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I found that it was not uploaded in early morning... But good to see that it was uploaded... I am addicted to these awesome mcqs even more than WhatsApp and Facebook
RC sir one of the best name at this platform... Sir is well known for their approch and motivation. Thanks sir
This is really fantastic from rc sir,the way he explained about things is really helpful for last banchors also .Keep doing good rc sir for our future student also .Thanks for your support for preparation
sir sare concept clear ho gaye please aap statistics ka bhi video upload kar dijiye
Thanks R.C.Sir, This is very relevant for preparation of JEE
  1. AT Any Time Padhai Academy Mathematical Reasoning (JEE Mains Special)

  2. Weightage of Chapter in JEE MAINS Chapter Year 2017 Year- 2018 Mathematical Reasoning 1 (4-Marks) 1 (4-Marks)

  3. What we are going to study in course? . Statements Truth table Negation of statement . Compound statements . Some properties ( AND , OR ) Conditional statements or implications Negation and contrapositive of a conditional statement . Biconditional statements . Tautology and fallacy . Duality Algebra of statements

  4. Features in the Course . Each video ranges from around 7 to 15 minutes. All the concepts along with multiple examples will be dealt to enhance clarity. You will get quality of content like kota classroom. Click on ENROLL button. . Please rate and review the course. Boost your JEE MAINS 2019 Rank with our courses

  5. AT Acy Time Padhai Any Time Academy Thank you guys Enjoy the learning