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Introduction to Noun (in Hindi)
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  1. Master the Rules of Noun Rate, Review, Recommend and Share

  2. Noun Noun is the name of a person, place, animal, thing, etc. Person: man, woman, teacher, Mary, etc. Place: home, office, India, etc. Thing: table, car, money, music, etc.

  3. Proper Noun A proper noun is the name given to particular person, place, things, etc. Example: Delhi, India, etc. Proper nouns are always capitalized in English The most common proper nouns are names, as of people, places, or events. Ex 1. Sakshi is a wonderful player. 2. She lives in Australia

  4. Common Noun ** It is the name given in common to every person, things or place. Common nouns are name to general items rather than the specific ones. * It is not capitalized unless it's the first word in a sentence. Ex- the word "girl" is a common noun, but the word "Aakriti" is a proper noun because it's the specific name of the girl.

  5. Collective Noun * Collective nouns are names for a collection/group of people, things or animals, etc. Ex- group, herd, audience, etc. Audience is made up of a group of people acting as one whole. Crowd- usually used to describe a group of people Example- 1. A bunch of keys is on the table. 2. A herd of cattle is grazing in the field.

  6. Abstract Noun ** Abstract nouns are a type of noun that you can't see or touch It is the name of a quality, idea, concept or state. Quality goodness, kindness, beauty, intelligence, obedience, honesty, bravery, courage Action - laughter, movement Ex- beauty, honesty, youth, etc

  7. Material Noun Material Noun are names of materials or substances out of which things are made. Ex: gold, iron, silver etc."

  8. Gender of Noun Masculine Feminine Neuter

  9. Gender of Noun Masculine A noun that denotes a male character is said to be of the masculine gender. EX- Man, hero, boy, actor, etc

  10. Gender of Noun Feminine A noun that denotes a female character is said to be of the feminine gender. Ex- woman, girl, actress, princess,