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Introduction to mole (In Hindi)
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Basics of chemistry, introduction to moles

Durga Singh Solanki
#Sr. faculty working in Kota #Ex-principal B.ed

Unacademy user
Thank u ma'am..sare video dekhe..yeh aur bhi best hoga jo Keywords hain unko hindi me hi samjhaiye
I'm starting now sir, I like your Moto learning with fun.
Rk Yadav
2 months ago
Also i
  1. Mole Concept By- Durga Singh Solanki Learning with fun

  2. Fundamental MOLE- CoNCEPT Mole ione mole o arys particles no. CA) . Mass 9.1x10-31 kg . Charge- -1.6x10-19 C A6. 022110 8 Electron C4 xm Proton Proton Charge- +1.6x10 27 C O Calcudate Charge on moe of e Mass- 1.67x10-27 . Charge-neutral(0) Neutron

  3. Q. Calculate charge in F in the following:- NOTE(objective approch tip)- U@lKe @lYOC)@l@l[RO no, as 6x1023 and 1.67 as Take avogadro . : - mmoles o 10/6 to simplify the calculation

  4. Q. How many moles of electron will weigh 1kg? (JEE-2003) rmoles 8