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Introduction to Metabolism
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The lesson deals with the general introduction of metabolism

Anagha Pisal
MSc Biotechnology || educator || reader || foodie || exploring science and research || GATE BT ||

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  2. Metabolism o Series of chemical reactions o Sustain life o Chemical compounds involved in this metabolites o Substrate into products - intermediates Reactions - different enzymes

  3. Reaction 1 Reaction 2 Enzyme1 Enzyme 2

  4. Metabolic pathways o Linear - glycolysis o Cyclic - TCA o Irrversible o Each one has first committed step o Occur in specific cellular location o Regulated o Reactions - oxi-red, group trasfers, internal rearrangement, isomerization, elimination etc

  5. Regulation o Substrate concentrationn o Allosteric regulation o Hormones

  6. water SOURCE Plants, animals Sustain life in earth Sun Carbon dioxide

  7. Molecules of life o Carbohydrates o Lipids o Proteins Promote life o Nucleic acid

  8. o The macromolecules are obtained from food - digested o Formation of components subunit O Protein- amino acid Lipids fatty acids o Nucleic acid - Nucleotides o Carbohydrates -glucose

  9. Metabolism o Generation of energy to drive vital functions Synthesis of biological molecules

  10. Two categories o Catabolism o Anabolism