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Introduction to Matrices - Basic Operations
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Introduction to matrices and their properties.

Aditya Narayan Sharma
MS(Maths) Qualified NMTC | RMO | Pre-RMO | MAT | JEE M & A | JEE ADV Math 100/120| YouTube channel "ANS Academy" with 6k+ subs

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supop lacture siwach sir thanks very much
Respected sir, did you covered all types of matrices?
  1. Matvices An anay of mumbe is called a Matrice l o 2

  2. Columns Orden of o matriceRos Columns E3 The orden of tha given matrix 1s 3X4

  3. Matrix Algebra matrices of sama ordev Multiplication defined when no of columns /5 eqUal no. of ra-15 of second.

  4. Addition Ea -1 0 3 23 23 Wheneven adduhonois defined, add Cosre spondna terma

  5. cano a Scolan 2 All tRa entrias ce made K-fol

  6. Transpose Transpose A 1 3 8 5 2 0 D y for squant matricu [nxnyt efinad onl nx n pe

  7. nmticMatix -Symmetric M iCeg Same 0 de andthe corresponding e ements are eua

  8. Problem 5 a-b 3 e9unLi of matrices evend eum ent

  9. roperties 0 0