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Introduction to Matrices - Basic Operations
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Introduction to matrices and their properties.

Aditya Narayan Sharma
MS(Maths) Qualified NMTC | RMO | Pre-RMO | MAT | JEE M & A | JEE ADV Math 100/120| YouTube channel "ANS Academy" with 9k+ subs

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Index of News articles covered in Daily News Analysis from June 1 to June 15, 2017
Arka Sen
2 years ago
ex election commissioner also gave a interview on this.. I think in the Hindu.. did you analyse that?
Prince Agrahari
2 years ago
sir , kya paise dene wale ko pan card bank mai dena jaruri hai ? agr ha to bank ke pass uski detail to ho hi gyi. ek tarah se transparancy ho hi gyi. although political party ke pass detail nhi hai , but bank ke pass to hai. aur yadi koi inquiry hoti hai to thay can be easily caught .
Raushan Tantiya
2 years ago
Yes, You are absolutely right Prince. Because In the newspaper, The Hindu, it has mentioned that "PURCHASER MUST PAY FROM KYC-compliant bank account. In that case Bank will have all info about the electoral bond buyer. So Transparency is there. Sir, please confirm this.
Rishikesh Roshan
2 years ago
the main issue is of anonymity.yes now anyone will not have the freedom of purchasing electoral bonds as payment for purchasing elecroral bonds must be made through kyc compliant bank account of the opacity continues as earlier,infact more than before as pol parties will have no obligations to disclose donors names irrespective of any amount paid through electoral in short ye pahle se bhi easy ho gaya for pol parties.n on doner's side it ensures that entities eager to lobby with a particular pol party kept anonymous n influence the party's policies which is in power.otherwise we would have known ki which corporate is funding whom.but anonymity clause will keep all these informations that is a must for a healthy democracy undisclosed.this point is discussed wrongly above which is creating confusion.
Respected sir, did you covered all types of matrices?
  1. Matvices An anay of mumbe is called a Matrice l o 2

  2. Columns Orden of o matriceRos Columns E3 The orden of tha given matrix 1s 3X4

  3. Matrix Algebra matrices of sama ordev Multiplication defined when no of columns /5 eqUal no. of ra-15 of second.

  4. Addition Ea -1 0 3 23 23 Wheneven adduhonois defined, add Cosre spondna terma

  5. cano a Scolan 2 All tRa entrias ce made K-fol

  6. Transpose Transpose A 1 3 8 5 2 0 D y for squant matricu [nxnyt efinad onl nx n pe

  7. nmticMatix -Symmetric M iCeg Same 0 de andthe corresponding e ements are eua

  8. Problem 5 a-b 3 e9unLi of matrices evend eum ent

  9. roperties 0 0